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Case Study – Advanced production scheduling in a Seagate Technology
Wafer Fab

Learn how the next-generation of scheduling software helped a Seagate Technology wafer fab reduce cycle times by 10% on average.

As time goes by, wafers are becoming more and more intricate, meaning that it’s getting harder to meet cycle time targets. In addition, the cost of equipment in the semiconductor industry can be extremely high and consumer demand can be unpredictable. Therefore, to get the most out of their fab, Seagate's factory utilisation is constantly running at near to 100%. 

This means that even small improvements in fab efficiency can help substantially increase capacity. Seagate chose to employ Flexciton and their optimization-based scheduler to help with the challenge.

What you'll find in this case study document:

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  • Insights into how advanced production scheduling can benefit a large scale fab.

  • Explanations of the technology with diagrams on how it can be implemented.

  • Real world results of our solution in practice.

  • Where the Seagate and Flexciton journey is heading next.