We are a team of world-leading experts

Combined, Flexciton has over 100 publications on the subject of operations research and optimisation in manufacturing. We are a team of experienced and enthusiastic engineers, data scientists and software developers.

Meet The Team

Jamie Potter

CEO, Co-Founder

Dennis Xenos

CTO, Co-Founder

Dave Neary 

Software Developer

Ioannis Konstantelos

Optimisation Engineer

Giorgos Kopanos

Lead Scientist in Quantitative Research

Ruaridh Williamson

Data Scientist

Rob Moss

Development Team Lead

Begun Efeoglu

Optimisation Engineer

Jamie Mcinerney

Frontend Developer

Tomasz Kluczkowski

Backend Developer

Martin Husbyn

Backend Developer

Channy Limbu

Head of Talent

Slava Andreev

Head of Product

George Kopanias

Enterprise Solution Consultant

Anna Robson

Marketing Manager

Ray Cooke

Engineering Director

Charlie Thomas

Software Test Analyst

Seb Steell

Product Owner

Rhys Evans

Senior DevOps Engineer

Sudesh Lutchman

Software Engineer

Semya Elaoud

Operations Research Scientist

Sarah Doyle

Executive Assistant

Sully Sizer

Software Engineer

Flexciton Limited

145 City Road, London, EC1V 1AZ


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