Advanced technology
for an optimized fab 

Based on 10 years of academic and industrial research, Flexciton has developed a hybrid-optimization model based on Mixed-integer Linear Programming (MILP) aimed at solving the wafer fab scheduling problem.

At the core of our unique approach is a smart decomposition method enabling the generation of near-optimal schedules, as quick as heuristics-based schedulers.


Capable to solve complex scheduling problems fast by utilizing unique decomposition technology.


Allows for all constraints in the optimization model to ensure a true representation of all operations in the fab.


Generates a high-quality solution that best maximizes or minimizes the objective function, with a very small optimality gap


Optimizes the scheduling problem consistently, regardless of the objective or the fab state.


Scheduling solution can be scaled to multiple fabs, thanks to easy configuration of constraints and parameters.

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Download the White Paper

The White Paper analyzes two conventional 

scheduling methods and elaborates on how our hybrid-optimization scheduling approach can provide highly desirable productivity improvements in a wafer fab.

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