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Microchips are the brains behind almost everything we use in our increasingly electronic world. As they become more essential to our lives, we rely on chip makers to respond to fluctuations in demand and keep pace with advances in chip design.

However, a major barrier to progress is the sheer complexity of chip production. A typical process can entail hundreds of steps, generating more manufacturing options than there are atoms in the universe. This hinders agility, stalls progress, and prevents fabs from fulfilling their potential.

So, what if there was a smarter way to run fabs?

A radically new solution for innovative chip makers to conquer complexity and drive progress. That’s why Flexciton exists.

Our intelligent advantage platform enhances decision making by doing the heavy lifting for you. It analyses and automatically selects the best manufacturing option from trillions of possibilities – making it easier and faster to meet your fab’s full potential. Flexciton simplifies and streamlines chip making today to unlock tomorrow, opening up opportunities to drive progress efficiently, profitably, and sustainably.

Meet the

Flexciton’s co-founders spent years in the industry, seeing first hand the problems that manufacturers face when planning and scheduling production. Companies recorded vast amounts of data about their operations, but they struggled to learn anything meaningful from it.

Through their combined technical experience in optimization, data science and computer programming, Jamie and Dennis started to uncover how insights could be learnt from this industrial data to drive significant efficiency improvements.

Jamie Potter
CEO, Co-Founder

Jamie is an expert in Mathematics and Statistics and graduated top of his year from the University of Oxford. In 2018, Jamie was added to the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 list.

Dennis Xenos
CTO, Co-Founder

Dennis (PhD, Imperial College) is an expert in optimisation and data analytics for industrial applications and has worked with leading industrial companies such as BASF and Statoil.

Be part of a revolution. Join us.

We are people from all walks of life - but with one unified belief: that our product can change manufacturing forever.

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Learn how we applied multi-objective optimization to the diffusion area at Renesas Electronics to manage three conflicting KPIs.

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Fab Management Forum 2022

Recap on the first of two presentations from SEMICON Europa 2022 – featuring case study results from three different wafer fabs, including Renesas and Seagate.

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Technical Paper

This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

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