The most advanced solution for wafer fab scheduling

Built in collaboration with a high-volume wafer fab, Flexciton’s technology is the ultimate solution to a complex scheduling problem of a dynamic wafer fab environment.

Globally optimized to meet your objectives

Flexciton is the only mathematical optimization-based scheduling software for wafer fabs. The ability to customise your objectives means that the scheduler will automatically optimize to your fab's KPIs, whether you target cost, quality or delivery.

Fast, powerful, and easy to scale

By utilising cloud computing, fully optimized schedules are delivered fast and refreshed every 5 minutes. The system scales up and down easily – whether your scheduling problem gets harder, or more equipment is added in your fab.

Effortless and consistent

Unlike commonly used scheduling systems, Flexciton’s scheduler does not require setting up or maintaining ‘if-then’ rules. Our optimization algorithms perform consistently in any situation, automatically adjusting to ever-changing fab environment.

Proven Results

Significant reductions in cycle time and increases in overall fab performance without the need for constant retuning – demonstrated through live production deployment.

Reduction in cycle time

Average cycle time reduction across 11 toolsets.

Increase in wafer moves

Photolithography area: increased number of wafer moves achieved in parallel with a 10% reduction in reticle moves.

Increase batch size

Significant batching improvement at the deposition tool with a 10% increase in wafer moves.

How our solution works

Here is an overview of how our solution functions with the rest of your fab. We make release decisions that decide the optimal time to start lots or release them from buffers.

Our product then predicts potential dynamic bottlenecks and re-prioritises WIP to balance the line and send the right lots to the right toolset. Our local toolset optimization then predicts future arrivals and improves toolset KPIs such as throughput, queue time and reticle moves.

Future fabs run on Flexciton

Dedicated deployment teams

Initial setup is done by your dedicated deployment team. Our engineers will work with you hand-in-hand until expected efficiency gains are delivered.

Cutting-edge software and continuous advancement

Our software is built using cutting edge AI technology. The cloud ensures unlimited computational power that is required for optimization algorithms that deliver results fast. Consistent investment in R&D ensures continued advancement of our product until expected efficiency gains are delivered.

Unmatched engineering resources

We have the largest team of experts on the market that is dedicated to solving wafer fab scheduling problems. Currently our team consist of 40 engineers, optimization researchers and software developers, with 400+ published research papers under their belt.

See our scheduler in action

- All constraints captured
- Easy configuration of various objectives
- Live shop-floor view of schedules
- What-if scenarios
- Seamless integration with MES and Dispatch System

Useful resources

Seagate Case Study 2.0

Learn how applying multi-objective optimization helped to increase throughput whilst reducing reticle moves and queue time.

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White Paper

Our white paper details a new approach to wafer fab scheduling. A novel hybrid model that delivers optimized schedules in a matter of minutes to help fabs cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Technical Paper

This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

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