Flex Apps

AI-driven software to help your fab achieve unmatched operational efficiency

Introducing Flex Apps

Flex Apps are the first suite of autonomous scheduling applications available for wafer fabs. Conventional heuristic schedulers no longer have the capability to deal with the enormous complexity of a modern fab. Flex Apps have been built in collaboration with cutting-edge fabs to answer all the requirements of today’s chipmakers. 

Flex Local

Organize WIP at a toolset level to optimize cycle time, enhance batching efficiency, and maximize throughput while eliminating timelink violations. Unlike legacy solutions that rely on heuristic rules, Flex Local eliminates the necessity for time-consuming manual intervention and tuning. This cutting-edge technology not only elevates fab KPIs but also streamlines workflows, helping to alleviate workload from critical engineering resources.

Flex Global

Streamline production, minimize idle time, and boost throughput with our bottleneck avoidance optimizer. Flex Global prioritizes clear pathways, manages timelinks, and ensures efficient changeovers. The user-friendly interface provides planners with the tools they need to make proactive daily decisions that help to elevate manufacturing efficiency.


Runway empowers manufacturing specialists by placing the fab in the palm of their hands. All the information necessary for carrying out day-to-day tasks is packaged into a functional, modern, and intuitive user interface. Scan and troubleshoot lots, identify changeovers, and monitor tool downs, all on a portable device.

Guaranteed KPI improvements

Maintaining high production performance in a semiconductor fab is extremely challenging.
Flexciton developed Autonomous Scheduling Technology (AST) to empower semiconductor manufacturers to consistently achieve remarkable production results.

Increase in throughput in the photo area
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Reduction in timelink violations in the diffusion area
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Increase in batch size across the diffusion area
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See Flexciton in action

Book a demo session and discover how our AI-driven technology maximize operational efficiency. Each fab is different. During the session, we can discuss how our solution can apply to your specific challenges.

Gain a deeper understanding...

Our resource library is home to technical papers, case studies and white papers on wafer fab scheduling
White Paper

Our white paper details a new approach to wafer fab scheduling. A novel hybrid model that delivers optimized schedules in a matter of minutes to help fabs cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Technical Paper: Winter Simulation Conference 2020

This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

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