Boost your fab efficiency faster with less workload

Switch to autonomous scheduling.

Our AI-driven scheduling software captures all your fab’s constraints, delivers optimal scheduling decisions, and increases efficiency without additional resources.

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Guaranteed KPI improvements

Flexciton developed Autonomous Scheduling Technology (AST) to empower chip manufacturers to consistently achieve remarkable production results, guaranteed. Traditional schedulers often require a reactive approach of trial and error to achieve KPI improvements. With AST, manufacturers can overcome these challenges to maintain high fab performance confidently and autonomously.

Increase in throughput in the photo area
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Reduction in timelink violations in the diffusion area
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Increase in batch size across the diffusion area
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Get consistent KPI improvements

Inconsistent production KPIs impact your fab output and business performance. Our AI-driven scheduling technology ensures consistent throughput improvements whilst reducing cycle times and variability. Unlike legacy schedulers, Flexciton does not require setting up and tuning countless parameters to maintain required performance. By leveraging advanced mathematical optimization, our technology enables optimal decision-making at both tool and fab-wide levels, ensuring your fab’s objectives are met consistently. 

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Navigate trade-offs with confidence

As fab management’s priorities fluctuate with market conditions, engineers are tasked to configure production schedules to deliver on these dynamic goals. With so many conflicting objectives, this is no easy task. Flexciton allows engineers to visualize and comprehend complex trade-offs between different KPI settings, empowering them to make informed decisions and efficiently manage the delicate balance of cost, quality, and delivery.

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Streamline operations, reduce workload

With intelligent algorithms and a closed-loop system, our production schedules always reflect the latest state of your fab—automatically adjusting to shop floor changes like tool downs and planned maintenance. Our pioneering Autonomous Scheduling Technology (AST) eliminates the need for engineers to set up and maintain if-then rules. By autonomously providing optimized schedules, it reduces pressure on highly qualified employees and removes reliance on tribal knowledge.

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What our customers say about us

With Seagate adopting Flexciton and its advanced manufacturing scheduling system, we have been able to improve our predictability of delivery by meeting weekly customer commits. With a lengthy cycle time build, this predictability and linearity has been key to enabling the successful delivery and execution of meeting commits consistently.

Mark Patton

Director of Manufacturing, Seagate Technology

I’m pleased our decision to partner with Flexciton to improve our scheduling decision making. Our implementation has worked out even better than we hoped and they are constantly advancing the product. Their customer team is wonderful to work with.

Jay Maguire

Industrial Engineer, Renesas Electronics

Introducing Flex Apps

Discover a suite of AI-powered scheduling applications that
can help your wafer fab transform decision-making, workflows, labour efficiency and production KPIs.

Flex Local: AI-driven toolset scheduling

Flex Global: Bottleneck avoidance optimizer

Runway: The fab in the palm of your hand

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White Paper

Our white paper details a new approach to wafer fab scheduling. A novel hybrid model that delivers optimized schedules in a matter of minutes to help fabs cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Technical Paper: Winter Simulation Conference 2020

This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

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