Boost your fab performance with less effort.
Switch to autonomous scheduling.

Our AI-driven scheduling software captures all your fab’s constraints, delivers optimal scheduling decisions, and increases efficiency without additional resources.

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An Introduction to Flexciton

Gain a comprehensive understanding of where we came from, what we do, and why we’re different with our company introduction.

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Efficient Batching Case Study

Discover how Renesas Electronics and Seagate Technology harnessed autonomous scheduling to tackle the complex challenge of efficient batching.

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Push the limits

Flexciton helps you to make unparalleled efficiency gains. Our intelligent advantage platform analyses and automatically selects the best manufacturing option from trillions of possibilities, whilst taking into account your fab’s unique characteristics and constraints to provide an optimized schedule.


Set your goals and go

Flexciton is the smarter, simpler way to meet your fab’s full potential. There aren’t endless rules to manage and maintain. Just set your production goals and let Flexciton automatically provide optimized schedules for your chosen KPIs.


Make more with less

We help fabs make more chips without adding a single toolset. With a 10x ROI guarantee, Flexciton customers increase their production in a more sustainable way.

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White Paper

Our white paper details a new approach to wafer fab scheduling. A novel hybrid model that delivers optimized schedules in a matter of minutes to help fabs cut costs and increase efficiency.

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Technical Paper: Winter Simulation Conference 2020

This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

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