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Helping Fab Managers To
Optimize Efficiency Efforts

Take advantage of our Fab Scheduling Performance Analysis to identify efficiency opportunities within your fab.

Flexciton is a proud member of and Fab Owners Alliance.

We have been voted one of the most disruptive companies in the world

and featured in 2018 Disrupt 100 list and 2019 Disrupt50 Index.

A new smart scheduling technology 

to maximize fab productivity.

Flexciton applies an advanced optimization technology to schedule wafers optimally across the whole fab, reducing cycle time and increasing throughput.

Agile and powerful. Flexction optimizer is the ultimate fab scheduling solution.

Easy integration with MES and dispatch systems. Designed to be user-configurable and easy to maintain. Generates schedules within minutes.

Data Analysis to identify the key bottlenecks affecting fab efficiency.

Based on your historical data, Flexciton will run analysis to identify toolsets generating critical bottlenecks costing your fab significant efficiency loses. 

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