Technical Paper

Advanced production scheduling in a Seagate Technology wafer fab 

Flexciton's smart scheduling technology can be divided into two categories: global fab-wide scheduling and toolset scheduling. This technical paper provides a comprehensive overview of results from benchmark studies performed for Seagate Technology, where our solution was applied to metrology toolset scheduling.

What we'll cover in this technical paper​
  • The complicated scheduling problem in wafer fabs

  • The broader impact of high-quality scheduling decisions in semiconductor industries

  • The pros and cons of traditional heuristic-based scheduling practices, compared with Flexciton’s hybrid-optimization approach

  • Seagate's performance benchmark study, comparing the new proposed scheduling technology with the current simulation scheduler at Seagate Springtown

  • Results from Seagate's optimized schedules report, showing a significant reduction in cycle times and increase in throughput compared with SimModel schedules

  • Flexciton's cutting-edge smart scheduling for wafer fabs

Authors: Georgios M. Kopanos, Dennis Xenos, Slava Andreev (Flexciton Ltd); Tina O’Donnell, Sharon Feely (Seagate Technology).

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