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Optimal Production Schedules Calculated in Minutes

Flexciton is an intelligent production planning and scheduling tool, powered by cutting-edge A.I. optimisation. Create perfect schedules, play with scenarios and compare KPIs.


Optimal Production Recommendations

There will be no more time wasted looking at vast amounts of data. We present the user with clear and highly effective ways to optimise your operations.

Optimise What Matters Most To You

Flexciton A.I algorithms search for the most optimal production schedule based off your production and business objectives. You have the power to create schedules that:

- Increase Throughput

- Maximise OEE and Machine Utlisation

-Reduce Inventory

- Minimise Waste

Benefits From Day One

Our technology has an immediate impact and you will realise an almost immediate return on investment.

Step 1. Securely Acquire Your Real Time Data

Step 2. Filter and Sort Your Data

Step 3. Run Our Intelligent AI Algorithms

Filtering Data

Understand Correlations

Develop Digital Twin of Each Machine / System

Expert Knowledge

Build Digital Twin of Factory / Entire Operation

Flexciton Optimisation Using AI Technology

Feed In Demands, Maintenance Plans and Resources

Operational Constraints

Maintenance Constraints

Step 4. Generate the Most Efficient Scheduling

Generate Optimal Scheduling Solution

Optimal Maintenance Solution

KPI Tracking and Efficiency Monitoring 

Step 5. Instructions Alerted to Team


Plant Manager

Maintenance Manager