Cutting-edge scheduling solution for semiconductor wafer fabs

Built in collaboration with a high-volume 200mm fab, Flexciton's solution is an ultimate response

to a complex scheduling problem of a dynamic wafer fab environment.

How smart scheduling works

Advanced mathematical optimisation is used to evaluate millions of schedules at once, selecting the most optimal every four minutes and feeding back to a fab dispatch system.

The optimal schedule will direct wafer traffic around dynamic bottlenecks and can streamline production to increase throughput. The model incorporates all constraints such as Batch Sizes, Reticle Availability, Kanbans and Maintenance.

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Reduction in cycle time and increase of overall performance  demonstrated through early trials with the 200mm wafer fab. 

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Fab scheduling has never been easier 

Flexciton Optimizer 

Our smart scheduling technology delivered in robust and user-friendly software is the ultimate solution to help wafer fabs improve the quality of WIP management and increase productivity.


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