Advanced optimisation technology for best possible scheduling.

Production scheduling is critical for manufacturing operations, where efficiencies can be either missed or gained.  With the ever-increasing complexity of production processes and pressure on delivering KPIs, industry leaders are now seeking new smart ways to run daily production schedules.

Introducing Flexciton A.I., a new generation planning and scheduling technology to generate optimum production scenario.

Developed by a team of industrial optimisation experts on the back of over 10 years of research.

Our experts have jointly published 140+ academic papers on industrial optimisation.

The technology originated from real business cases in various industries.

Utilising the power of artificial intelligence and advanced mathematical models.

Using our unique decomposition technology that has been granted patent protection.

Cutting-edge technology

Combined mathematical optimisation (MIP) and A.I. technology.

Unique decomposition method to allow solving the most complex, so far unsolvable scheduling questions.

With only 100 products to manufacture, there are more scheduling scenarios to choose from, than atoms in the universe. 

Software key highlights

Cloud-based - easy to deploy, upgrade and maintain.

Integration with your local MES or dispatch systems.

Flexibility within setting objectives and their priority (weights).

User-friendly web interface with clear dashboard design, Gantt-charts and scenarios overview.

George Kopanias

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Luke Watkins

Enterprise Solutions Consultant

Let us show you how our technology and system work. Book a free consultation and demo with one of our experts. 

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