Wafer fab

Case Study

Learn how Seagate Technology cut cycle time by 24% on average by deploying an advanced scheduling optimizer.

In the 20-minute video presentation, Tina O’Donnell from Seagate Technologies and Jamie Potter from Flexciton will highlight the important learnings and results from the deployment, as well as how this sophisticated technology is tackling the scheduling of photolithography.


Tina O'Donnell

System Engineering Manager

Seagate Technologies


Jamie Potter

CEO & Co-Founder


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‘For us here at Seagate, high factory utilisation is key. We already run at about 100%. So we were looking to optimise and improve capacity, cycle time and predictability, as well as the ability to schedule and adapt to uncertain situations as optimally as possible.’


Tina O’Donnell

Systems Engineering Manager at Seagate Technology