Frequently Asked Questions

We already use a dispatch system, why would we need Flexciton?

Flexciton optimizes scheduling to provide much greater performance than standard dispatching methods. Typically, dispatch systems use a rule-based approach to make decisions at a tool. When implemented, our software uses hybrid-optimization technology to calculate schedules and send them to your dispatch system for execution.

Since Flexciton software understands the current fab state across multiple toolsets, it optimizes decisions accordingly. It has the ability to adapt to an ever-changing fab environment, with no need to update the algorithms, even when significant changes occur within the system.

What makes Flexciton different from other scheduling systems?

Flexciton engineers have developed a hybrid-optimization technology, making our scheduling solution unique across the industry. It offers superior performance compared to broadly used heuristic or rules-based algorithms. For more details about our technology and solution, please download our white paper.

How can I test your solution?

We offer a number of different ways to experience our solution at no cost, before expecting you to make any formal commitments:

  • You can request a software demo, and one of our experienced consultants will schedule a demo session with you. This will help you to understand what are the features and functionalities of the system. Request a demo here.
  • You can request a Scheduling Performance Analysis, where our engineers, using our analytical tools, can identify key areas where efficiency can be improved. The results can be delivered within a few weeks. Please, click here for more details.
  • You can request an offline trial of the solution on a selected toolset (Proof Of Concept). Based on the findings from the Scheduling Performance Analysis, we can determine which toolsets should be optimized first and then test the performance offline. Then, using our software we would run a number of optimization scenarios for the troubled areas of your fab. For more details, please talk to our consultants.

What type of data is required, in order to use Flexciton technology?

Our software can be easily integrated with your existing MES, as well as your local dispatch system to execute schedules. In particular, Flexciton requires ‘moves’ data from your MES, maintenance data (CMMS) as well as top-level planning data, such as due dates or priorities. Additionally, we model some constraints using configuration files (where the format of these files are provided).

What if my fab has unique constraints on some tools?

Flexciton can be configured to model many of the common fab constraints, ranging from changeover sequencing for Implanters, through to reticle scheduling for Photolithography. However, if you have unique tool constraints - we can quickly build these in for you.

How do I use the software?

Once implemented, Flexciton’s scheduler works behind the scenes to keep the factory fed with optimal schedules every few minutes. Specific users can access the Flexciton web application to view the Gantt chart, generate alternative scheduling scenarios and change the optimization weights/parameters. Request the software demo to learn more.

How is your software hosted?

Flexciton favours cloud deployment and is the most common deployment for our clients. However, on-premise is also an option if required.

If you still have questions, please click here to get in touch with our consultants.