• Published by: Anna Robson

Webinar: Flexciton and Seagate case study

Wafer fabrication is not only a highly complex manufacturing process but also capital intensive. With the cost of a single new 300mm fab now exceeding $1bn and with some tools costing in excess of $40m, fixed costs are significant and demand high fab utilization. 

In an environment where capacity and production efficiency is key to continued cost reductions, the benefit of high-quality scheduling is huge to factory efficiency. It enables higher utilization of expensive toolsets (e.g., photolithography and etch), reduces cycle times and ensures on-time delivery.

We were thrilled to present with Seagate Technology once more. Jamie Potter, CEO & Co-founder of Flexciton and Tina O'Donnell, Systems Engineering Manager from Seagate discussed advanced scheduling technology and its impact on wafer fab production performance.

The webinar was hosted by SEMI Europe and moderated by TechWorks NMI.

June 15th, 5pm CEST / 4pm BST.

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Watch this case study webinar to learn how Seagate is successfully using smart scheduling technology to optimize fab efficiency.