• Published by: Anna Robson

Flexciton CEO at the ISES Supply Chain Webinar

The semiconductor supply chain is a lengthy and complex operation. At the end of it, some of the global manufacturers rely on timely chip supply to meet their production targets. Wafer fabrication, a step in the middle of the supply chain, is one of the most complex manufacturing environments in existence. Involving thousands of process steps, even minor operational changes, can result in disproportionate effects on KPIs, including the now so critical cycle time.

Improving cycle time management in front end manufacturing

During the International Semiconductor Executive Summits’ Semiconductor Supply Chain webinar, Jamie Potter – CEO & Co-founder of Flexciton – will explain how advanced ultra-optimization technology is helping wafer fabs to improve cycle time by applying it to production scheduling.

Handling all constraints found in a fab, Flexciton's scheduling technology is objective-driven and generates near-optimal production schedules – based on thousands of data points from the fab’s manufacturing execution system – in a 3-minute time frame. During the webinar, Jamie Potter will present powerful results from the recent deployment of Flexciton software.

"Flexciton ultra optimization technology can be applied in the front-end manufacturing to control cycle time variability and to find the best production schedule allowing significant cycle time improvements. I am looking forward to sharing more during this webinar." - says Jamie Potter

The webinar will be held on May 12th at 8am PST US Time / 4pm UK Time. Please register on this link: https://isesglobal.com/events/ises-supply-chain-management-webinar/

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