• Published by: Marcus Vitelli

Flexciton and Seagate Technology to present at SEMI's upcoming FutureFab Solutions Webinar

What will the future of wafer fabrication look like? With innovative AI-driven technologies paving the way for significant improvements in efficiency, quality and on-time delivery whilst also driving down costs – chip manufacturers need to be paying close attention. In SEMI's upcoming FutureFab Solutions webinar, we explain why disruptive technologies, such as the hybrid optimization-driven scheduling that Flexciton provides, are pivotal in making progress towards Industry 4.0. We will discuss the technology behind Flexciton’s solution as well as how it performed when it was deployed live into the photolithography area of a Seagate Technology wafer fab.

This webinar will be taking place on June 21 from 17:00–18:00 CEST (16:00–17:00 BST). Can't make it? The full session will also be available on-demand for those who register.

Here’s an overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • Flexciton’s optimization-driven solution and the scheduling strategy they used when challenged with increasing capacity at Seagate’s Springtown facility.

  • Real case studies presented by both Seagate and Flexciton on the results gathered from deployment into the photolithography area.

  • How Flexciton’s advanced scheduling managed to enable an increase in throughput and a reduction in the amount of reticle moves.

This webinar is hosted by SEMI and will feature presentations from Flexciton, Seagate Technology and Lynceus AI, another disruptive AI-driven solution provider that will talk about their case study from deployment into a Tier 1 automotive supplying wafer fab. You can register your space today by following this link: https://www.semi.org/eu/events/Future-Fab-Webinar