• Published by: Anna Robson

We did it again...Flexciton amongst the top 100 most disruptive companies in 2019

We are very excited to share that Flexciton has been shortlisted for the Disruption50 index ranking and selected as one of the top 100 most disruptive companies in 2019!

The Index, developed by D/SRUPTION in partnership with Hotwire and Unanimous A.I., celebrates British organisations driving disruption in a specific industry or society and business as a whole.

What is disruption, then? “it is not just a buzzword.” - as we read on the organisation website. ”Disruption is about stepping through the looking glass and finding the world’s rules no longer apply, and have gone forever.”

Jamie Potter, CEO of Flexciton: “We believe, we are now shaping the future of how the manufacturers will plan and schedule production processes in the years ahead. With our cutting-edge A.I. technology, we are helping the factories to achieve what has been unachievable so far.”

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