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Internet of Manufacturing Event - Highlights

June 6, 2018

Luke Watkins, Head of Business Development, was invited to be a key speaker at the Internet of Manufacturing conference that took place in London, on the 5th June 2018.



During the pitch, Luke engaged the audience with starting statistics on the complexity of production planning and scheduling in manufacturing facilities. 

"There are more scheduling scenarios to choose from with 100 products, than there are atoms in the entire universe!" 

Other topics included a top-level overview on how the most advanced optimisation algorithms can be applied with A.I. and real-time data to find significant efficiencies in the manufacturing process. Flexciton demonstrated the impressive results seen with current clients: 20% reduction in stock levels, 50% reduction in changeovers and 10% boost to production rates.


It was great to see a diverse audience from various manufacturing backgrounds and travelling far from the US and Asia to attend the conference, with a clear optimism regarding industrial advances towards digital, A.I. and connected systems.



Despite this, it is still evident that many of the 'buzzwords' are repeated and consistently presented, without many case studies, or focussed applications that back up the true opportunity that Industry 4.0 presents. There is optimism in the audience, but clearly more work to be done to encourage the UK manufacturing sector to adopt and invest in new technologies. A key indicator will be an increase in use cases and real-world case studies (rather than theory) being discussed at future manufacturing events and conferences. Perhaps an increase in real-world studies with clear ROI will provide the excitement and needed jump, to get the UK manufacturing sector adopting digital technologies at a quicker pace.


It is encouraging to see other startups, such as TechMass and ThingTrax pitching innovative solutions that are revolutionising methods in data collection and energy monitoring.


Flexciton would like to thank the organisers of the Internet of Business for the opportunity to be part of the event. For more information about Flexciton, or information about future events, please follow us on:





Or get in contact directly with Luke






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