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Digital Tech will Unlock £56bn for UK Food & Drink Industry

May 30, 2018

A new report from Accenture has highlighted the huge benefits that digitisation will bring to the Food and Beverage industry in the UK. The report, also mentioned by magazine 'the manufacturer' can be found here: https://goo.gl/v6e1NX


Key findings from the research are repeated below:


"Accenture found that by investing in digital technologies, the food and drink industry could create value worth up to 12% of the industry’s GVA."




"It is estimated that food and drink could generate over £3bn in new revenue over ten years and reduce costs by almost £53bn, as well as passing on £2bn in household savings direct to consumers."




"Real-time data and robotics can automate the supply chain process to increase efficiency [...] digital technologies could increase speed to market and improve product satisfaction by an estimated 25%."


Flexciton's comment on the research


Flexciton is working on introducing a novel approach to planning and scheduling production using real time data and A.I. algorithms, hosted as a cloud based web application. The work and research Flexciton is conducting will become a critical part of the growth forecasts outlined by Accenture's research. It is really encouraging to see the extent of the impact digitisation is expected to have overall on the UK's largest manufacturing market!


We are very proud and excited to be part of the road-map to a more sustainable and efficient future in the food market.


With our specific technology, we expect food and beverage manufacturers can expect to see production efficiencies increase by 15%. As an example, we have been able to reduce changeovers by 40% and reduce resource costs by 12% at a UK based meat processor using data-driven A.I. and optimisation, which equates to over £200,000 in annual savings. 


Technology such as A.I. planning and scheduling allows manufacturers to produce much more in much less time, and significantly reduces waste and stock.



 How to adopt this technology? 


The first step would be to arrange a site visit with Flexciton experts for free, where we can assess the impact that A.I. could have on your plant and outline the road-map to implementation, which generally takes less than 4 months. To do this, visit the following page: Get Started



Accenture quotes, "80% [of food/beverage manufacturers] want new efficiencies, new growth and new experiences to be delivered all at the same time, and 64% agree that failure to leverage the components of digital value will cause them to struggle for survival in the future".


Every manufacturer needs to plan and schedule production, which is why implementing the world's most powerful A.I. software to do this could be the key to substantial cost savings and expansion potential.



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