• Published by: Anna Robson

GE Mind and Machines Conference

Flexciton is pleased to announce that our CTO, Dr. Dennis Xenos, will be presenting at the GE Mind and Machines conference in San Francisco on the 25-26th October. Dennis will be discussing the topic of integrating automation levels during digital transformation in industrial plants.

The Mind and Machines conference presents the opportunity to hear from industrial thought leaders, engage with industrial peers, and learn from technology innovators tackling the biggest IIoT challenges.

"In a factory today, separate teams work in isolation on planning production, scheduling maintenance and controlling the process. Existing industrial practices make it very hard to coordinate these different automation levels, therefore production, maintenance and process teams focus on antagonistic objectives causing vast inefficiencies. To simultaneously optimise these automation levels, data from all the different levels must be considered. However, today this data is often siloed in numerous different systems like ERP, MES and SCADA. With the emergence of platforms like Predix, it is now possible to analyse all this data in one place and optimisation is becoming a possibility. This presentation will show a case study where this is already happening in a UK textile manufacturer who has integrated their planning and scheduling where before they were run by independent teams. By combining ERP and MES data, this optimisation has brought significant benefits."

Find out more about Mind and Machines using the following link: http://www.cvent.com/events/minds-machines-2017/custom-39-9c358e5cf3ce42faa9742ca9f1ba8acb.aspx