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Optimizing Fab Efficiency: Advanced Production Scheduling in a Seagate Technology Wafer Fab

How Seagate Technology is improving cycle time and fab efficiency with no extra capital expenditure

Seagate Technology has the largest wafer fab facility of its kind in the world and supplies around 25% of global demand for read-write heads for hard drives.

With high market demand, their factory was already running on near 100% utilisation. Nevertheless, they were looking to increase output without having to increase capital expenditure.

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Welcome remarks

Laith Altimime


SEMI Europe



Tina O'Donnell

Systems Engineering Manager

Segate Technologies 



Jamie Potter 

CEO & Co-Founder 



Q&A and Conclusions

Jillian Hughes


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In this webinar you will discover:

  • The results and key benefits realized by Seagate during the implementation process

  • How objective-driven scheduler enables Seagate to specify the KPIs most important to each toolset, improving cycle time, batching, throughput, OTD, or any other target KPI

  • What are the three levels of scheduling that allow optimizing the entire fab, from Wafer Start decisions down to the sequencing of lots on individual load ports

  • How this new approach to scheduling can help you to optimize the WIP flow whilst automatically adapting to random events and the unique characteristics of the fab

About Flexciton

Flexciton applies cutting-edge technology to optimize the planning and scheduling decisions for the world's most complex manufacturing process - semiconductor wafer fabrication. Utilizing over 10 years of academic research and industrial studies, Flexciton's engineers have developed a hybrid-optimization model aimed at solving the production scheduling problems that were previously unsolvable. Flexciton is a member of SEMI.org and FOA. The company was shortlisted for the Best of West Award at SemiconWest 2020.  www.flexciton.com

About Seagate

Seagate Technology is a data storage company and the Springtown facility is at the heart of the $25Billion dollar data storage industry. Seagate opened its wafer facility in Derry in N. Ireland in 1993. 


There are only five of these types of facilities in the world which the Springtown is the largest. Seagate has a second wafer facility in Minnesota, which mirrors what they produce in Derry. The Springtown facility supplies approx. 25% of all read-write heads for hard drives globally. www.seagate.com