Maximising Fab Performance Webinar

Discover the power of Flexciton and FabTime's new end-to-end solution

Maximising Fab Performance: Visualising and Optimising KPIs While Working with Resource Constraints and Conflicting Objectives

In an era driven by technological advancement, semiconductor manufacturing requires high productivity and continuous innovation to create chips that surpass previous benchmarks in speed, power, and energy efficiency.

This can be achieved by adopting new technologies and new ways of working with the data already available in fabs.

In this session, Jamie Potter of Flexciton and Lara Nichols of FabTime detail the power of our new end-to-end solution that enables effective KPI tracking and production optimisation whilst dealing with constraints such as trade offs and engineering resource limitations.

During this webinar, you will learn:

• How to bring more transparency into your fab's operations with a comprehensive KPIs reporting dashboard

• How to comprehend and effectively manage trade-offs between conflicting objectives

• How to optimise production to unlock significant efficiency gains with an autonomous scheduling solution

• How to gain clarity on how different KPIs contribute to fab performance

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