An effortless way to realise how Flexciton can benefit your fab

Our data analysis helps to identify key inefficiencies which have a critical impact on KPIs such as throughput, cycle time, or process-related costs and provides an estimated ROI.

Put our technology to the test.

Undemanding and Free
We will carry out any data analysis free of charge. Not only this, but the test is based on historic data from your fab and is carried out remotely, with little engagement need on your side. 


A Thorough Analysis

We take a holistic view of the entire fab and analyse all WIP performance to locate frequently occurring bottlenecks and identify the problematic toolsets. 

Presenting our Findings

The results are then presented during an in-depth video call where we discuss how we could improve your KPIs and your estimated ROI. Everything at no cost to you.

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