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FutureFab Solutions Webinar: Adopting AI-driven smart manufacturing technologies

With case studies from Seagate Technology and Tier 1 automotive suppliers

How can innovative AI-driven technologies be harnessed to increase wafer fab efficiency?

This webinar takes a deep dive into case studies from two major chip manufacturers to learn how they have adopted innovative advanced technologies from Flexciton and Lynceus to help maximise their efficiency.

The session is split into two parts: 

The first presentation is 'Improving wafer fab capacity by applying an advanced production scheduling to photolithography area' by Flexciton and Seagate Technologies. Followed by a presentation by Lynceus.

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Some of the topics this webinar will cover:

  • Flexciton’s optimization-driven solution and the scheduling strategy used to optimize the photolithography area.

  • A real case study from Seagate Technology on the results achieved from deploying Flexciton scheduler into the photolithography area.

  • How Flexciton’s advanced scheduling enabled an increase in throughput and a reduction in the number of reticle moves.

  • Real case studies presented by Lynceus and how Lynceus’ technology has already enabled value in deployment on deep trench etching quality predictions at a tier 1 automotive supplier.

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Welcome remarks

Laith Altimime


SEMI Europe



Jamie Potter 

CEO & Co-Founder 




Tina O'Donnell

Systems Eng. Manager

Seagate Technologies 

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David Meyer

CEO & Co-Founder


About Flexciton

Flexciton applies cutting-edge technology to optimize the planning and scheduling decisions for the world's most complex manufacturing process - semiconductor wafer fabrication. Utilizing over 10 years of academic research and industrial studies, Flexciton's engineers have developed a hybrid-optimization model aimed at solving the production scheduling problems that were previously unsolvable. Flexciton is a member of SEMI.org and FOA. The company was shortlisted for the Best of West Award at SemiconWest 2020.  www.flexciton.com

About Seagate

Seagate Technology is a data storage company and the Springtown facility is at the heart of the $25Billion dollar data storage industry. Seagate opened its wafer facility in Derry in N. Ireland in 1993. 


There are only five of these types of facilities in the world which the Springtown is the largest. Seagate has a second wafer facility in Minnesota, which mirrors what they produce in Derry. The Springtown facility supplies approx. 25% of all read-write heads for hard drives globally. www.seagate.com

About Lynceus

Lynceus is building the first predictive OS for semiconductor manufacturing. They provide a software platform that requires no extra hardware and leverages manufacturing data (live machine parameters and conditions, metrology tests) to predict the performance of manufactured wafers (in-line and end-of-line quality tests). For each process step, they build the most robust models, combining state-of-the-art machine learning techniques and deep process understanding. This enables gains their customers both yield improvement and added production capacity. Lynceus is a member of SEMI. www.lynceus.ai