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Using historical transactional data from your fab we will:

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  • Pinpoint key areas where efficiency is lost

  • Indicate where ROI can be found through optimization

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The Fab Scheduling Performance Analysis helps to identify key inefficiencies which have a critical impact on KPIs such as throughput, cycle time, or process-related costs. 


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Comprehensive - we take a global view of your fab and analyse your historical transactional data to identify the key inefficiencies and 'blind spots'.


Practical - we analyse WIP performance across the whole fab to determine where the bottlenecks occur most often.


In-depth - after taking a global view, we continue with a deep-dive analysis of bottlenecks to identify the toolsets responsible for most wait-time.

Independent - working with the raw data we take a completely objective and unbiased view. 


Convenient - the analysis is carried out offline, remotely and with minimal engagement required from you or your team.

Useful - the results are presented during a video call and the report is delivered in a pdf format afterwards. Everything at no cost for you.

A cumulative wait time chart gives an illustrative view of which tools contribute the most to the overall wait time.

The results delivered in an easy-to-read visual form

A clear overview of how bottlenecks evolve over time, across the whole fab.

In-depth analysis of bottlenecked toolsets behaviour.

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The above charts are just a few examples of what we cover within the Fab Scheduling Performance Analysis. If you wish to learn more, please click the button below to request more information.

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