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The true value of Flexciton's solution comes from our proprietary optimization approach. We don't just use data and algorithms to predict how a process will unfold. Instead, we improve the production process in real-time to enable the level of efficiency other scheduling technologies are unable to provide. By utilising Mixed Integer Linear Programming, our scheduler is able to optimize every aspect of a fab – helping our clients meet business goals and production-related KPIs.



Reduce cycle times and increase overall performance.

Our solution has been implemented into a 200mm wafer fab and has demonstrated a 10% reduction in cycle times on average – with certain tools showing 40–45% improvements.

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Agile, powerful and simplistic. Flexciton's optimizer is the ultimate fab scheduling solution.

Our technology is powerful enough to compute an optimised schedule in a matter of minutes and is paving the way to fab-wide (global) scheduling. But its user-friendly interface and easy integration with MES and dispatch systems helps to make it simple to use.


Flexciton is a proud member of SEMI and Fab Owners Alliance

We have been voted one of the most disruptive companies in the world
and featured in 2018 Disrupt 100 list and 2019 Disrupt50 Index.

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