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About Flexciton

Utilizing over 10 years of academic research and industrial studies to solve production scheduling problems through smart scheduling

Where we started

Since being founded by Jamie Potter and Dennis Xenos in May 2016, Flexciton has built a unique team of world-class experts, combining the disciplines of mathematics, semiconductor scheduling, AI, optimisation, data science and software development, to develop a solution that is able to solve complex real world problems. The company became a shining example of how high-level academic concepts can be applied to manufacturing and revolutionise how companies operate, by making them more cost-effective, efficient and innovative.

Since its inception, Flexciton has received over £21m in funding, with its recent Series A round raising £15m.

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What makes our solution unique?


Flexciton’s solution analyses the real-time data that each fab generates – including status of individual tools, scheduling events, exact status of all WIP etc – and decides which actions need to be taken by the fab’s operators to optimise production. It repeats this process every five minutes to ensure that the fab is always in the best possible state in relation to its desired outcomes.


Flexciton’s software analyses the fab’s data 24/7, creating a digital twin of the factory in the cloud. The data is divided into smaller, more manageable subsets and run through a series of sophisticated mathematical algorithms, which quickly identify the optimal outcome for production at that time. This information is then relayed to the relevant operators via their scheduling system, prompting them to perform actions within the fab as necessary. 

About our co-founders

Flexciton's Co-founders had spent years in the industry and saw first hand the problems manufacturers face in planning and scheduling production. Companies had vast amounts of data recorded about their operations, but they were struggling to learn anything meaningful from it. Through their combined technical experience in optimisation, data science and computer programming, Jamie and Dennis started to uncover how insights could be learnt from this industrial data to drive significant efficiency improvements.

Jamie Potter
  • Jamie Potter

Jamie Potter

CEO, Co-Founder

Jamie is an expert in Mathematics and Statistics and graduated top of his year from the University of Oxford. In 2018, Jamie was added to the 2018 Forbes 30 under 30 list. 

Dennis Xenos
  • Dennis Xenos

Dennis Xenos

CTO, Co-Founder

Dennis (PhD, Imperial College) is an expert in optimisation and data analytics for industrial applications and has worked with leading industrial companies such as BASF and Statoil