Manufacturing is critical to the human race; everything around us is manufactured. Human innovation has been enabled by manufacturing innovation. Manufacturing has stagnated because innovation has reached the limit of what human intelligence alone is capable of. Further innovation demands Artificial Intelligence.

Our vision is to bring Flexciton optimization technology to every factory in the world to enable manufacturing to operate at a level never before possible.

Our purpose

What we do

Flexciton uses cutting-edge technology to optimize the planning and scheduling decisions for the world's most complex manufacturing plants. We solve planning and scheduling problems that were previously unsolvable using A.I.

Who we are

Flexciton was founded because the company co-founders had spent years in the industry and saw first hand the problems manufacturers face in planning and scheduling production. Companies had vast amounts of data recorded about their operations, but they were struggling to learn anything meaningful from it. Through the Flexciton founders' combined technical experience in optimisation, data science and computer programming, they started to uncover how insights could be learnt from this industrial data to drive significant efficiency improvements.

Flexciton offers a simple but powerful software that can be implemented within any manufacturing facility. Using our patented A.I. algorithms, the software searches for the single best planning and scheduling solution at the click of a button. This revolutionary technology can save manufacturers up to 20% in operational costs, with zero capital expense required.


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Flexciton Limited

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