Advanced data-driven diagnostics

We are developing data-driven diagnostics to help users of industrial machinery to understand abnormal operations and take action as soon as possible. We are working on state-of-the-art artificial intelligence algorithms which can identify when a fault may occur, what type of fault could be and if the instrumentation is reliable.

You can use these advanced diagnostics based on data-driven methods to reduce downtime, acquire information to carry out your optmization of the operations and maintenance and be prepared in advance when you know that a fault may occur soon.


Identification of inefficient operation 

Our algorithms can understand the current condition of your machinery in real time without shutting it down and carry out frequent inspections offline.   

By analyzing historical and real-time data you can understand the current performance of your machinery. Our state-of-the-art algorithms could predict the trend of the profile of the performance of your equipment over time, thus these solutions could help you to take the best decisions, for example when is the right moment to maintain your machines. 


Optimization of production and maintenance

In some cases the optimal set points of the operation of your machinery are not simple to find and they may change over time. Optimization could use data to find the optimal solution quickly and robustly compared to the trial and error method which are usually used. Data-driven optimization can provide you with the optimal set points of your operation to minimize energy costs and emissions.


Integrated solution

We are developing an integrated solution of different automation tasks which will help users of industrial machinery to achieve the maximum benefits, namely reduced operational and maintenance costs, reduced wear of the assets, optimal maintenance schedules and maximum utilization of the current assets.